Return to Paradise: A Self-Led Leader’s Retreat on Maui


What might be possible for you and your mission in the world with some true rest?

Nothing about you needs to be fixed. You, and your work in the world, deserve to be honored; to be remembered.

Celebrate the fullness of who you are and get more familiar with who you are becoming.

Are you a leader of the new paradigm who has recently gone through some of your biggest life transitions thus far? Are you left wondering how you will continue riding these waves of change without a rest? What better place to identify and reflect on those wild, oft-forgotten, sparks of your wholeness than in paradise itself?

JOIN US for A soul-inspired, SELF-LED Retreat

SEPTEMBER 13-18, 2019 \\ Maui, Hawaii

Explore, speak, and nurture your own truth. Allow yourself to rest deeply on the shores of your own soul. Move when you want to move. Allow your Highest Self to be seen, witnessed, and experienced by a high level group of leaders also on the other side of some serious inner work. Discover how your true Self wants to engage in your life and in your work in the world.

Breathe the perfume of blooming plumeria, stretch in the tropical sun, dance with the ocean waves, and be still. All on your own time.

What might it mean, for you and your mission, as poet Mary Oliver encouraged, to ‘let the soft animal of your body love what it loves’?

The Mother of Maui holds such intense energy for our evolution. I have found such deep resonance with the well being that abounds there and my own inherent divinity while playing on her shores, in her trees, and definitely in the great Pacific. And Lumeria is a high-vibrationally charged piece of land that serves to facilitate such experiences. - Steph

Give yourself the gift of this island retreat and get reacquainted with your deepest truths while being held by the land of Maui, in the company of your peers (or not- if you prefer solo time). Come away knowing more about who you’ve become after your recent journey and what role your soul is ready to play. The overall goal, if there is one, would be to engage in a conscious cooperative collective in the spirit of true Feminine Leadership.