Women and Water


Water carves canyons...

What changes are you currently looking to move through? 

The powers inherent in your feminine nature contain the very same qualities as water when it moves over rock, carving great canyons on either side of it's committed path. 

Utilizing the power of paradise, the inherent gifts of your own nature, along with the magic of a tribe of women committed to growth, play and connection, you will learn what it feels like in your body to become the change you wish to experience - first, in paradise and then, at home. 

Steph and Shanah will take you through a tropical adventure unlike any you've ever experienced. Based on the respect The POWER Moves, Steph's proven 5-step model for change, we will give you the embodied experience of how you already contain all you need to become the change you wish to see in your world and how to bring that back to your life at home. 

  • by weaving yoga, movement, vibrant foods, nurturing and guided silence, luxurious accommodations, sound healing and water activities, coaching, with the integrative practices of Council and plenty of solo time to enjoy paradise.