About Steph

Stephanie (aka Steph) Yost, CPCC, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of GumTree LLC, a coaching and consulting company for individual business leaders navigating personal and professional change. She is also currently an Associate for the London based team of White & Lime Coaching and the Founder of WiNGs, the Women’s Network Group in State College, PA.

Stephanie has been partnering with leaders for over a decade.

A Master of Inquiry into what motivates and inspires humans in both the professional and personal realms, Stephanie reconnects leaders with their innate power and passion, bringing freedom and fun to their work, money, health and relationships.

She especially loves working with those ready to create a revolution, both within themselves and in their communities.

She believes that we only improve with age and that radical self-care is the secret to the universe. To support yours or your company's own evolution, drop her a line.

I love the places in you that you don’t love (yet). I compassionately call bullsh*t on the things that no longer serve you. I partner with you like this until you can see and know the amazing being you truly are.