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2019 with Lucy Wallace 

Whole Life Leadership Development

Whole Life Leadership Development


You are not your work, nor is your work your life. We all know this, but in Western World corporate culture, for many companies, there still exists the debilitating premise that in order to be successful, you need to leave most of who you are at the front door of the office. Whole Life Leadership Development debunks that old school myth of success. It is a coaching-based equivalent of Super Food for employees who are overworked, uninspired, defeated, overwhelmed and ready to create something new in their work, leadership and lives.  This is a professional relationship, unlike any other you've known, that makes space for the WHOLE of your HUMAN to be addressed in the workplace setting. Welcome to the creative mess of human evolution. This is an opportunity to connect with your mission, with your brilliance, your fulfillment, your leadership, your way. And your company? They love it when you're creative, inspired, online with your gifts and resourced to drive their mission. And, if they're smart, they'll foot the bill for you to do it!  


Corporate Culture Reboot


Does your company culture work?

I bring significantly positive impact to systems that are in a disruptive state. If your company struggles with communication breakdowns, mistrust, silo-ing, unproductive competitive behavior, lethargy or a lack of clarity and direction regarding the mission, you could use a reboot. It’s understandably common for leaders to put these issues on the back burner, believing that they will resolve themselves with better recruitment, tighter policies, or higher revenues. However, these common misconceptions actually can do more damage without first addressing the most important resource available – those people already employed.

Reboot Offerings:

  • Coaching individuals, teams and partners

  • Coaching training for select key employees

  • Productive Meetings facilitation and training

  • Cross-department communication and collaboration methodology

  • Visioning facilitation for highest outcomes and probabilities

  • Functional Org Chart Creation- reveal how the human resources of your organization are truly utilized

  • Motivation through Workplace Languages of Appreciation

  • Communication Training/Change Management

    • Teach new methodology for higher output, more creative outcomes.

    • Clarity regarding roles and responsibilities in alignment with shared vision.

    • Authentic communication training