Client Praise

My focus with any client - corporate or personal - is to uncover the truth of each individual's whole life fulfillment and potential. The following testimonials are all in service to uncovering one's leadership potential- because in order to truly lead, one must feel confident to stand in one's own whole and integrated self. 

Incredible! You’ve given me the tools to the kingdom!
— Sr. Director at Gaia, Inc.
Coaching with Stephanie was very effective. It was a great return on investment. I found the whole process very rewarding and well worth my time. It contributed to me being more productive, and more focused. She helped me realize I know my answers. She led me to the person I want to be - can be, by setting specific goals – my goals – and holding me to them. She is a good listener and gets down to the heart of things.
— Albert M., Merrill Lynch
I truly feel held by you. Your ability to extend a shelter of caring support is, indeed, really powerful. You held me when I was leaving my relationship and transitioning and I really felt your strength. I consider you an “elder”, one of the few initiated adults I know.
— Eco-Psychologist, CA
I thought you should know (in case you hadn’t heard in a while) that you are making progress on your revolution. My life is changing in such wonderful and rich ways that it is spreading out now beyond me too. You are changing the world Stephanie. Your commitment to do so is working. I love being part of your revolution!
— Carol B, Santa Cruz, CA
Your support is a vital piece of why I am able to show up for myself. Your natural gifts of showing loving kindness have helped inspire me to be courageous, compassionate, and tender with myself. Thank you, Stephanie for choosing to be a part of my life. You have helped me make a difference in the world.
— Alicia.M., CA
I loved this coaching. In terms of value I received, I would definitely rate this as a 10! What worked for me was the flexibility and ease that we could move from topic to topic. The way that Stephanie can move from practical to spiritual made a lot of sense to me and worked well with my being.

I needed (to be) held through some dark emotions, supported through building a business and my confidence, and loved as the bright light I am. Stephanie did all those things for me. Today I feel (I am) a mature, confident, whole woman ready to go out in the world and kick some ass!

This cycle of birth is complete. I have come back to my Self, born anew, and fresh and with the memory of who I am and who I came here to be. I am grateful for your midwifery.
— Christin M., Boulder
Thanks, Stephanie.  I am so glad that I found you.  I find our time to be incredibly productive and helpful.  I am really impressed by how well you do what you do. 
— Sue Port, PA
Stephanie, Thank you for always being right on the mark! Thank you for your brilliant and fearless support!
— Linda Provenza, Corporate Consultant
Please let me RAVE about you as a coach. You were the confidential thinking and soul-searching partner I needed. You are vastly competent as a coach, a listener of the soul, a whisperer to the GREAT HEART, and very effective in getting me to “scrape wallpaper” off of the old constructs and stories that no longer box me in. For anyone considering a coach, I say look no further!

In the coaching space you so expertly held, I felt psychologically safe- both my tame and wild nature was under your constant protection - but not coddled. In fact, there was no finding solace in the old comfort zones with you. You have this bullshit sensor too, very annoying when trying to hide. Your greatest gift to me is that you let me look into your health, love, and care for humanity. I saw the integration of the masculine and feminine in you which gave me the courage and inspiration I needed to find my own North Star. You invited me explore the heavens and kicked my ass to the ground, reminding me that descent is equally important as the ascent.

You have this uncanny ability to bring the right symbols up, exactly when needed. I directly benefitted from your sweet tender heart, your pace, your trust. You were the inspiration for a base camp for who I am now. You championed me in bailing on things that no longer serve. If there were an ambassador for healthy female embodiment, it would be you. I think more guys in corporate are going to need someone with your strengths to reset how they think. Here’s the female energy helping men achieve balance in places they just inherited imbalance.

I declare satisfaction and completeness. While our sessions have ended (for the moment), the work still continues. You are my “embedded” coach and an ambassador for the coaching tradition. Please keep on with your work. It makes a difference, one heart at a time, and I am grateful for having intersected with you. One day, one conversation created a new future. You are an amazing coach, spectacular person, and I love you dearly!
— Mike Inzitari, VP of Business Development