My Relationship Assumptions

If we know and relate, you might want to know what I assume about you.

1. You are not responsible for my well-being. That's ALL mine.

2. You express yourself with as much freedom as you allow yourself and your self-expression is dynamic, following the pace you grow and change, which could be moment-to-moment, day-to-day, or lifetime-to–lifetime.

3. You are your highest authority in all matters. 

4. You communicate your truth as fully as you understand it.

5. You take exquisite and appropriate care of you when you get knocked off center.

6. You ask as clearly as you can for what you need when you need it.

7. Any judgments you make reflect the places you still judge yourself.

8. You are whole, made of love, creative and resourceful.

9. You do the best you can in any moment and always make the best choices to which you have access.

10. Giving and receiving in our relationship comes from a place of abundance. Because you take full responsibility to fill your own cup, when you give, it comes from fullness. When you receive wholeheartedly, you honor the abundance from which the gift was given. Thank you for this.

Steph Yost